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Careers In Transition

Careers in Transition is ready to help

Recently laid off?
Looking to switch jobs or careers?  
Have not had to find a new job opportunity in many years? 
Is your job search is going nowhere and you are frustrated by a lack of response to resumes you have sent?  Are you feeling isolated and wondering if you will ever find a satisfying job? Careers in Transition is here for you!

 There are better ways to find career opportunities in today’s job market and we have the tools that can make your search more productive and lead to a job offer that you want. Our ministry is led by experts in the field of job search. They will help you improve your resume, networking skills, LinkedIn profile, and teach you other tactics and strategies to help you find your career opportunity.

CIT helps job seekers become more effective in their job search. Our volunteer job search coaches are available for one-on-one meetings to help you with specific aspects of your search and jump-starting a job search that has stalled.

Careers In Transition is a free ongoing program and is open to anyone interested in help with their job search… all are welcome. If you are interested in CIT, please “click” on the “Email the CIT Team” button below and one of our coaches will contact you.

Also, check out the resources on this page. There are a number of job search issues that address the many facets of today’s job search.

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Job Searching, Interviewing, Networking and more...

We have many resources to help you meet your fullest vocational potential.