Cherry Bowl Worship

Raising Hallelujahs in-person

In-Person, Outdoor Worship

Saturdays | 6:30p

Please register then read the information below for all the details for Worship Specifics and Health Procedures

To help us maintian social distancing to keep all healthy, we are asking those who wish to worship in-person to RSVP.
This information is used only by our church to provide the best and safest experience possible.

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers…at least some of them

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,Where should we park and enter? 

Main Entrance – Please circle and park around the back/south side of the church property for our main seating areas. There will be two marked entrances: one for chair seating and another for hillside/terrace seating.

Handicapped/Senior/At-Risk – We invite those who are requesting At-Risk seating or those who cannot easily use stairs or walk on the hillside to park and enter from the Circle Drive.


 Will we social distance at service?
Yes, while worshipping outside is our safest option against germs, we do still have procedures to keep everyone healthy. If you are sitting in a section with chairs we ask for there to be three chairs between each household to maintain social distancing. If you are sitting on the terrace or hillside please use our painted 6’x6’ boxes to space yourself adequately between each household. The set-up and procedures for entering and exiting worship have been carefully crafted to keep people healthy and safe. Please heed the directive of signs and staff/volunteers as we regulate traffic into and out of the worship service. To Maintain social distancing, we will direct sections and rows to exit at the end of worship. Please prepare yourself for exiting to take a few extra minutes.

 What are the risks of catching Covid-19 at worship?
We have chosen to gather in the Cherry Bowl because there have only been a couple of cases in the world of catching Covid-19 outdoors. Knowing this, as well as the distancing procedures we will be practicing, we feel comfortable that we can reduce the risk for those who attend. 

Should I wear a mask?
We encourage all congregants to wear masks if attending worship.


What time should I arrive?
Please arrive at 6:15pm. We will need a little extra time to get everyone through the seating process.

Will there be any shade?
At 6:30pm there is shade where chair seating is available, as well we have constructed a covering for the terrace seating. . If you plan on sitting on the hillside consider wearing sunscreen and a hat. 

What should I bring? It’s worship! Just outdoors. Bring your Bible, your journal your water bottle – those things that you need to settle into a worshipful experience. If you are planning to sit on the terrace or hillside feel free to bring a blanket to sit on. If you want a worship bulletin, kids bulletin, or song sheet please print these at home before you come. Check your Week@Creek for these resources


Are restrooms available?
Restroom will be available in the Community Center. Those sitting under the covered walkway or in our Handicapped/Senior/At-Risk Entrance can use the Main Entrance to access restrooms. Those sitting on the terrace/hillside or main seating area please use the designated side door to the left of the Worship Pavilion to access restrooms. 


Are children welcome at worship?
Absolutely. If attending with children please help our youngest worshipers to maintain social distancing. Children’s Ministry will be providing individual Going-To-Church Activity bags for kids to enjoy at service.


What if there is bad weather?
In cases of bad weather the service may be canceled or delayed. Please check your email for these decisions. Bring an umbrella or rain jacket in case of light rain or an attempt to wait out any quick passing storms.


Will an offering be collected at Worship?
We will have baskets as you exit the service where you can give, or we welcome you to Give Online.


How do I know if I am sick and should stay home?
If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms, a cough, or fever we ask that you would wait until you are better to worship in-person. Please join us for our LIVE streaming Sundays at 9:30 am.


How do I know if I am at-risk?

The CDC has published an article on who is considered at-risk during this current season (CLICK HERE). If you are considered at-risk but wish to still attend Cherry Bowl Worship please request seating with “extra distancing” when registering so we can do our best to create a safe environment for you.

Why are we having In-person Worship on Saturday Evenings?
Read Pastor Brad’s Letter about our plans and preparations for coming back together in-person

Still have questions? Please let us know below.

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