Cherry Creek Presbyterian

Memorial Garden

Reflecting on Eternity

We are excited to share about the ongoing plans for Cherry Creek’s Memorial Garden and Columbarium. It is our hope to provide a space for you and your loved ones that gives peace and rest both now and at the end of life.

A Rendering

Current News
  • After discussion with legal counsel regarding statutory implications we are encouraged moving forward.
  • We expect to submit the architectural plans to Arapahoe county for final permit approval this spring.
  • We will communicate the memorial garden plan to our neighbors in surrounding HOAs.
  • We will initiate project bidding with our contracted construction manager.

Projected size & Cost


The first phase of the project will include
140 niches with each niche holding two urns.

The memorial garden has the capacity
to expand to 420 niches in future phases.

Each niche (one or two urns) will
cost approximately $6,100.

Many of you eagerly await more details. 
We appreciate your patience and are blessed by your support. 
For more information, please email.