by Lynn Watson, CCPC Divorce Recovery Teacher and Deacon

During this time of ‘shelter in home’ I have felt a bit lost and disoriented. Oh, I still read my devotions and scripture every day and fill the days with stuff, but I am not going to work at client offices and I have been told working is my purpose. So now what is my purpose when I can’t work as much?

I can’t volunteer at Church if I can’t be AT Church, so what am I supposed to be doing? Those thoughts led me to thinking of the theme for this year at Cherry Creek Presbyterian: Replenish or ‘Mala’ !

It seems to me that God chose this topic for Brad and our church community in order to prepare us for the present time in Covid19. The sermon topics at that time encouraged, nudged, prodded and guided us to events, activities and routines that give us replenishment.

Maybe this season is about replenishing.

person holding gray sports bottle near nozzleAs Brad and others spoke to us about replenishing we talked about honoring the Sabbath and carrying each other’s burdens. We talked about allowing others to help us carry our burdens. We talked about not keeping score. We talked about being a non-anxious presence in times of chaos. We talked about the practice of letting go. We talked about forgiving past hurts and how hard that is.

Then we took on a new topic in the new year. We talked about finding God in the little things: Tish Warren’s the Liturgy of the Ordinary. Finding a new way to start our day by ‘making our bed’ and ‘waking up’ to what is around us. Finding solace and peace in a cup of tea, finding calm when we have frustrating experiences.

This reminds me that God is in the details the way Tish Warren always said and He will be with me/us through this journey and whatever is next. I’ll end with a verse that has become special to me this year.

He led me to a place of safety; He rescued me because He delights in me. (Psalm 18:19)

I need to be reminded how God loves and cares for me. My goodness the creator of the universe “delights” in me ! This reminder might be just what we need to be replenished!

Lord Jesus, show us the little, ordinary things of life right now which can replenish us! And show us your delight in us! Amen.

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