Jobs at Cherry Creek

Worship Ministry

Assistant Director of Contemporary Music

  • Posted:6/10/2021
  • Salary/Range:$52K – $62K


POSITION SUMMARY: Plan, prepare, and lead God’s people in worship in one or two worship band-led services for an ancient–future, multi-staff church. Be a spiritual leader; grow in the role of a worship director; assist Director of Worship and Liturgy in planning and leading worship every week; lead services as substitute for the Director in his/her absence (ex. vacations, conferences, emergencies, etc).


1. Plan convergent services and lead a team of musicians and a congregation in worship.

2. Develop his/her personal gifting’s his/her “call” to ministry.

3. Partner with a broader team of CCPC staff (Pastors, Youth Ministry, etc.).

4. Grow in his/her walk with Christ by loving like, learning about, and living in Jesus.

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Urban Ministry

Community Engagement Director/Pastor

  • Posted:6/10/2021
  • Salary/Range:$44K – $54K


POSITION SUMMARY: This person is a bridge builder, both relationally and programmatically, between Cherry Creek and other diverse communities or ministries in greater Denver. This position is a continuation and completion of the Acts 1:8 vision, with our hope being that they are “Samaritan” in their history and experience, with a focus on ministering in the greater-Denver middle cultures (which we are calling “Samaria”) between our culture (“Jerusalem/Judea”) and the world mission field (“the ends of the earth”).

Acts 1:8: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


We are seeking a person who can naturally relate to one or more of the diverse socioeconomic and ethnic communities in Denver, and who also understands Cherry Creek’s cultural milieu, passion, and values. This person should have street cred, expertise, commitment, and buy-in for start-up, execution, and expansion of bridge-type ministries—involving people from CCPC with other diverse group(s). They should identify with diverse components of the inner city (both externally and internally). The person should have sterling character, spiritual vibrancy, an evident love of Jesus, and a special aptitude for ministering to a diverse population. Diverse here means people or groups of people unlike or distinct from the CCPC norm in racial, ethnic, economic, or life-experience terms.

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