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Visit the Library in-person Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Curbside Pick-Up now available on Wednesdays, 10am-12p & 1-3pm

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The library is located in the Main Building, room 113 along the north hallway.
If picking-up curbside call 303.779.9909 x5117

  Book of the Month

Habits of Grace by David Mathis

(248.26 MATHIS) 

Three seemingly unremarkable principles shape and strengthen the Christian life: listening to God’s voice, speaking to him in prayer, and joining with his people as the church. These everyday “habits of grace” are God-designed channels through which his love and power flow.  


Using the Library

Our library is always open, and available for you, whatever your connection to the church. We have books and media available for all ages.

Check out
Check out is self-serve. Instructions are on the red cabinet by the desk.
First-time users
First-time users, please fill out a yellow registration slip. We will use your email to communicate with you.
Return slots are under the front of the desk.
Donations are welcome any time, and may be added to our collection, put into our annual book sale, or given to another ministry in the Denver area. Please do not bring in old cassettes or videotapes, or old shabby books. Thanks.

New & Recommended

On Race and Justice – Navigating today’s issues as a Christian

 Fiction Series for Kids – Fun reading with Christian values.

Good & Evil – How do we trust a good God in a world full of evil and suffering?

Investigating the Christian Faith – Helpful to answer your own questions, or to share with a friend.

Basics of the Faith – Putting your life on a firm foundation.

Growing in Christ– Keeping your faith moving forward.

Maturing in Faith – Never stop growing.


The Bible is at the core of our faith and practice. Here are three ways to grow.

Bible for Life
Bible for Life – getting acquainted with the Bible, learning to use it in your devotional life, and getting started memorizing it.
Reading the Bible
Reading the Bible – How to get going your first time through, with or without a plan.
Personal Bible Study
Personal Bible Study – Bible study guides and other resources to help you learn more and go deeper.

Marriage & Family

Marriage and Parenting

Marriage – Our best books for getting ready for marriage and for living it for the long term.

Family Devotions – Resources for passing on the faith to your children.

Holy (and Healthy) Sexuality Here are helps for tackling that most important task of parenting.


Reading with your Children

Reading is a wonderful way to share some quiet and loving time together. Reading is active, interactive, and stimulating in ways totally lacking in even the best of TV and other screen-time. It is also self-pacing, allowing time to ponder, imagine, and share.

Give Them Heroes
Give Them Heroes – Biographies of real men and women who lived lives of faithfulness to God.
Families Together
Families Together – Books everyone can enjoy.
Father and Son
Father and Son – Boy books for sharing.
Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter – Books especially for moms and their daughters.

Teen Resources

Teenagers are in a special category all their own. They are learning to think like adults but still can feel like children. We have a collection of books and media especially for high school students on the short wall next to Adult Fiction.

Sexual Purity – Helping teens steer through the cultural chaos.

Reading the Adult Collection – For older teens reaching for adulthood.

Ready for College?  Good for parents and teens to read together.

Small Groups

We have a wide variety of helps for your Small Group, from how to do groups, to Bible study guides, to DVD curricula on many topics. They are on the tall shelves by the windows.

DVD Sets – Our newest and best!

Books – Great discussion starters.

Current Issues – Living Well in Today’s World


Renewing Your Mind with R.C. Sproul – A good place to go for excellent teaching from the Bible. R. C. Sproul is known for making difficult things clear.

White Horse Inn – Lively and accessible discussions on a variety of topics relating to Christianity and the Bible.

5 Minutes in Church History – A weekly sampling of people and events.

Book Reviews

Tim Challies – This has become a favorite place for me to check reviews. He also keeps a regularly updated list of e-book deals.

Redeemed Reader – Especially for parents, with reviews, reading guides, and much more.

Discerning Reader – A great source of serious reviews, including a summary of the book and reflections on its quality.

Thinking Biblically

Serious sources for serious information

Reformation 21 – This is a webzine produced by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

Monergism Directory – Here is a goldmine of articles and essays on all topics theological.

Historic Church Documents – Creeds, catechisms and much more.

Theopedia – A wiki-style source of definitions and thorough articles for theology questions, history, and terminology.