Why Membership?

There are many reasons why church membership is important and meaningful. Joining a church is a visible commitment to God and His people. In our low-commitment culture, making a commitment to a church is a powerful statement, showing others where our priorities lie. Church membership keeps us accountable to each other and connected in community, and it helps us remember that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Curious about finding out more? Learn about our church’s character, denomination, beliefs, and style of worship here.

Creek Explored

Ready to become a member at Cherry Creek Pres? Or are you interested in learning more about the church?

If so, mark your calendars for Creek Explored, our membership class!

2021 Membership Class Dates

 Saturday, October 16

9a-12p | Fuel      

Please fill out a registration for each person attending

Connect Lunch

Come welcome our new members at a church potluck! This is a great chance to personally get to know the new members we introduce during our morning services.

Located in Fuel immediately following
the Convergent Service.

Temporarily Not Meeting