A Note from Pastor Bruce

Vulnerability is not widely accepted as a healthy component of male friendship. Society seems to force men either to stand alone or stand together as a team. As a result, many men live lives of quiet desperation isolated from the help and support of genuine friendship.

With all the pressures men face trying to balance the demands of home, work, and recreation, the real source of our strength is often neglected. That source is a relationship with Jesus first and then lived out by cultivating relationships with other men facing the challenges of life.

Our group offers opportunities to help you connect with other men, and we hope these evolve into deeper mentoring relationships.

Come discover the Source who is Jesus Christ!

Midweek Studies

Wednesdays | 7- 8a
Virtual Gatherings
Men in the Word

Men in the Word is a gathering for men committed to being transformed by the truth of scripture and fellowship with one another. We spend 15 minutes in prayer and then 45 minutes in Scripture with open and honest dialogue.

Study Info

We are an active group studying the scriptures, sharing wisdom and knowledge with one another. 
Currently we are sudying the book of Amos.


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Thursdays | 9:30-11:30a
Virtual Gatherings

Precepts teach us how to dig inductively into the Word of God and then how to live it out. A knowledge of the Scriptures gives us a plumb line by which to examine everything that we hear and are taught from the Word.

Study Information

The Gospel of Matthew - Part  2

As you study Matthew you'll gain a deeper understanding of the resurrection and its power in your life as you come face-to-face with the Messiah.


Marty Remke

Pudge Collins

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Schedule & Cost

Sep 10 – Nov 5 – Matthew part 2 

Nov 12  Feb 18 - Exodus 

Matthew Part 2 Book  $18
Novembet Study of Exodus Book $24.75