This Is Us

Sermon Title: Foundation
Church Calendar Season: Pentecost
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3

Traditional Service Worship | Sunday | August 15

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Convergent Service Worship | Sunday | August 15

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Beloved One:
​Bless all students returning to school.
Bless all teachers returning to teach.
Bless all leaders returning to lead.
Bless all workers returning to labor.
Bless all beggars returning for more.
Bless all hearts returning to you in surrender.
Remind us all that your gift of grace takes us all the way home. Amen.
(by Peter Traben Haas)






-What blessed you in a special way during this service?
-What word or phrase in the Scripture today was a source of comfort or challenge to you?
-What was an aspect of today’s service that stretched you in an important way?
-What aspect of God’s beauty and glory became clearer to you today? (via John Whitvliet)