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Sermon Title: Living By Faith
Church Calendar Season: Epiphany
Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-7

Traditional Service Worship | Sunday | Jan 17

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Convergent Service Worship | Sunday | Jan 17

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Lord Jesus, today we remember kings who came
And bowed before you, offering precious gifts.
And we remember you – Almighty King – who came
And humbly gave yourself, even to death on a cross.
We also would come and kneel, and lay our lives at your feet.
We commit again to love you, and others, with all our hearts,
minds, souls and strength.
And we remember all those waiting for floods to recede;
Lives to be restored;
Peace to come;
And us to rise up and follow your call
To build your kingdom of justice
With obedience, sacrifice, and love.
(—adapted from Christian Aid:

-What blessed you in a special way during this service?
-What word or phrase in the Scripture today was a source of comfort or challenge to you?
-What was an aspect of today’s service that stretched you in an important way?
-What aspect of God’s beauty and glory became clearer to you today? (via John Whitvliet)