Sermon Series/Title Replenish: Resetting


Church Calendar Season: Extended Advent

Scripture: Psalm 46

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Music for Saturday: 4:30pm Word & Table Service


Music for Sunday: 8:45am Traditional Service

Music for Sunday: 10:30am Convergent Service


Prayer of the Week

We praise you, Jesus Christ, that you kept your promise
not to leave us as orphans in this world:
You sent us your Spirit to abide with us always.
Almighty Father, giver of strength, feed the hungry, quench the thirsty,
support the orphans, uplift the depressed, and comfort the downtrodden.
Empower us to witness to your glory by joining you in service. Amen.(adapted from The Worship Sourcebook, 2nd ed.)

Conversation Starters (after the service)

What blessed you in a special way during this service?
What word or phrase in the Scripture today was a source of comfort or challenge to you?
What was an aspect of today’s service that stretched you in an important way?
What aspect of God’s beauty and glory became clearer to you today?


Via: John Whitvliet