This Is Us

Sermon Title: The Big Picture
Church Calendar Season: Pentecost
Scripture: 1 Corinthians 8

Word & Table | Saturday | September 18
Traditional Service Worship | Sunday | September 19

Traditional Service Worship Bulletin

Convergent Service Worship | Sunday | September 19

Convergent Service Worship Bulletin


Oh God, enlighten my mind with truth;
Inflame my heart with love;
Inspire my will with courage;
Enrich my life with service;
Pardon what I have been;
Sanctify what I am;
Order what I shall be,
And Thine shall be the glory and mine the eternal salvation.
Through Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.
(John H. Vincent)



CONVERSATION STARTERS (AFTER THE SERVICE) -What blessed you in a special way during this service? -What word or phrase in the Scripture today was a source of comfort or challenge to you? -What was an aspect of today’s service that stretched you in an important way? -What aspect of God’s beauty and glory became clearer to you today? (via John Whitvliet)