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Traditional Service | 8:45am
Convergent Service | 10:30AM

We welcome all to Worship without the need to register.
Thank you for your committment to being a part of this family through all the changes to our worship services.


Indoor Worship Details

Seating & Distancing

There is Limited Social Distancing in the Sanctuary. As of May 9, we will only rope off about 1/3 of the Worship Center rows for people who prefer more social distance.  Those attending should self-regulate comfortable distances between households in the rest of the Worship Center. RATIONALE— Allowing people to choose to worship together in person is an essential Christian activity. In person attendance continues to grow in both worship services as enough people are self-selecting to come to worship. In order to not turn people away, we must allow additional room for people to join worship.

FUEL We will continue to social distance at tables in Fuel for both services. This allows another distancing option for those who desire it.

 ON-LINE WORSHIP         We will continue to live-stream both the 8:45 and 10:30 service for people to worship while remaining at home.  People who are ill in any way, at-risk, or uncomfortable with the spacing in the Worship Center we invite you to worship with us at home. You remain a key part of our church, and we miss you. We will be continue­­ on-line worship into the future to keep you involved.


MASKING As of May 9 as well, we will ask people to mask while entering, leaving, or moving about inside our building. Masking will be voluntary at all other times, including while singing and while outdoors. RATIONALE—To honor our Lord, we seek to continue to honor government requirements when we can do so without violating our conscience. This masking guideline matches government requests.

Cleaning Precautions

Different pews and classrooms will be used for each service. As well we will be using an Electrostatitc Disinfectant System. between services and wiping down high touch areas like bathrooms and doors. We have installed a Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Air Filtration System. NPBI is a recently new technology which is attached to each HVAC unit on the rooftop of the church. NPBI technology works to safely clean the air inside buildings. It kills 98 percent of Covid-19 and most other airborne pathogens.

1) It makes pathogens filterable  2) It kills pathogens 


Formation Gatherings

Cherry Creek is made up of countless communities where, together, life is celebrated and struggles are shared, and where the process of deepened learning of the ways of God is engaged. Most of our Adult Christian Formation classes continue to meet on-line. We will, however, be adding in person (with social distance and masks) opportunities for class time each month. More information will be available in the coming weeks online and through our ACF teachers and leaders. LEARN MORE ABOUT ACF CLASSES

Children's Church

While children are allowed to stay with your family in our worship services, Children’s Ministry will be offering a safe, children’s church.

  1. This Children’s Church will last for the ENTIRE SERVICE. Kids will NOT have the chance to leave in the middle of the service. We deeply believe in intergenerational worship together, but for this season we are seeking to limit extra movement. Therefore, families must choose before the service whether their kids will be with them in the Worship Center or in Children’s Church. 
  1. There will NOT be a children’s message in the Worship Center services, but one will be available on-line for families for those worshipping at home. 
  1. We will have room for 60 children in Children’s Church. Please register your kids above.
  1. We will seek to social distance with our kids, but masks are not mandated for kids. We will be checking each child’s temperature when they arrive. The Ionization filter system in the Children’s Wing will help keep them safe. 
  1. Parents will park and enter at the South Entrance (Children’s Wing entrance), drop off their children in the appropriate room, and then continue on to the Worship Center. Our room assignments and set-ups will be different—we will have people available to help you. Pick-ups will be exactly the same, in reverse. 
  1. Please also read a detailed PDF on, “Returning to Cherry Creek-Kid’s Ministry (kids@creek)”  READ THE LETTER FROM CHILDREN’S MINISTRY
Youth Ministry
  1. We want to encourage students to worship together with their families on Sunday mornings.
  2. In-person youth group is happening weekly for students.  MON/NGT High School youth group gathers at church every Monday from 6:30-8:30 pm.  WED/NGT Middle School youth group gathers every Wednesday night from 6-7:45 pm.
  3. There is a great opportunity to serve in our Kids Ministry on Sunday mornings.  Students who are interested in helping can contact Kids Ministry.

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