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We Just finished studying the books of Mark and Philippians. If you missed the previous lessons, don't worry! We have recorded them and have links below. Though regular youth group is done for the semester, check back for fun summer activities!

Weekly Study Questions
  1. What are some words, phrases, or themes that are repeated?
  2. What are some strong words (ie, garbage in 3:8) that stand out to you?
  3. Paul talks about growing in knowledge and love. How does knowledge help you grow in love?
  4. How are all the practical commands connected to Christ?
  5. Think of suffering in your life. How does it help you to know Christ more? (hint: think back to reading in Mark)
  6. How has this book transformed your view of suffering and achievement?
Tips For Reading
  • Phillipians is a letter to a church written for a reason
    • Always be thinking, "Why would he write this?"
  • Try to put yourself in the audience's sandals
    • Think how your sitiuation is similar or different
  • Try to forget verses for a second - Think in sentences and paragraphs like any other book
    • As you read, find the meaning of each paragraph and see how they connect
Even while we are apart we want to stay connected.
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Weekly Happenings


Sundays | 10-10:30a
Garage in the
Community Center

Students and Families are invited to hang out with us every Sunday for a pancake breakfast! We encourage you to attend the main church service afterwards – sit with our group or with your family.

Middle School
Wednesdays | 6-7:45p
Garage in the 
Community Center

WN is an energy-filled evening for middle schoolers to hang out with each other, awesome adults, and Jesus. Enjoy games, small groups, worship, and teaching. Come check us out! Questions? Contact Andrew Vang

High School
Mondays | 6:30-8:30p
Garage in the
Community Center

Join us for MON/NGT! Food, community, and worship are hallmarks of our night. Questions? Contact Marc Ragusin.

Weekend Retreats


High School Snow Retreat
in Winter park

See Boon 2020 photos!
Boon Pictures #1
Boon Pictures #2


Middle School Snow Camp
@ Camp Timberline! 

Pictures coming soon

Mission Trips


Navajo Mission

Middle school | Canceled for 2020

Camp Barnabas

high school | Canceled for 2020


high school | Summer 2021

Summer Camps


Middle School
Summer camp

high School
adventure retreat

*Tentatively* rescheduled to 7/6-7/11

Student Ministries staff

Chris Piehl

Chris Piehl

Pastor of Students & Families

Marc Ragusin

Marc Ragusin

Director of High School Ministry

Andrew Vang

Andrew Vang

Director of Middle School Ministry

Jennifer Szilagyi

Jennifer Szilagyi

Program Assistant

For Parents

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