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How to Subscribe

Step 1) Click here to subscribe!
Step 2) Click the red SUBSCRIBE button on the right hand side of the page
Step 3) Click Sign In 
Step 4) Enter a gmail or if using a different email click the blue Create Account link on the bottom left of the box (For Myself)
Step 5) Enter your name/email information and create a password – Hit Next
 Step 6) Input the Verification number (which you will find in your email inbox) and complete the Verification Questions
Step 7) Click I Agree to the Terms of Service
Step 8) You should be back on the church Youtube channel webpage.
Confirm the Subscribe button is has changed to grey and stays “subscribed”

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Troubleshooting #1 – We subscribed one person in the family, but when I try the weblink again it says I’m already subscribed.

Youtube is saving your previous settings and you need to Sign Out. 
Watch the video here or follow the steps below

Step 1- Visit our YouTube page.
Step 2 – Go up to the top right corner and click the circle button (probably has a letter in it). That should pull up a menu and one of the options is “sign out”
Step 3 – Once signed out, you’ll need to put in the website above one more time ( and then when you go there it should show a new red subscribe button so that you can subscribe yourself.