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Welcome to CCPC LibRARY!

We have a great selection of books and media for all ages.

All are welcome, whatever your connection to the church.

Located in the Main Building, room 113 along the north hallway, our library is open Monday-Friday 8a-5p, as well as Sunday mornings.
We are a self-service library and instructions are on the red cabinet by the library desk. If you are a first-time visitor to the library, please fill out a yellow registration card as well as your individual book slips.
Looking for a specific book or reading on a particular topic? 
Check our online catalog before you arrive!

book lists & online resources

New & Recommended

Read to your kids one chapter at a time 
Recent additions to our collection! 
Two issues of the day
Biographies to share with your children 

The Bible

Getting acquainted with the Bible, learning to use it in your devotional life, and getting started memorizing it. 
How to get going your first time through,
with or without a plan. 
Bible study guides and other resources to help you learn more and go deeper  

Small Groups

Our newest and best! 
Great discussion starters. 
Living Well in Today’s World 

Marriage and Parenting

Our best books for getting ready for marriage and for living it for the long term. 
Read to your kids one chapter at a time. 
Here are helps for tackling that most important task of parenting.  
Books everyone can enjoy 
Good for parents and teens
 to read together. 

Online Resources & Podcasts

A good place to go for excellent teaching from the Bible. R. C. Sproul is known for making difficult things clear. 
Lively and accessible discussions on a variety of topics relating to Christianity and the Bible. 
A weekly sampling of people and events. 
A favorite place to check book reviews. Including a regularly updated list of e-book deals. 
Book reviews for parents: includes reviews, reading guides, and much more. 
You can see the newest reviews, select your favorite reviewer or type of book. 

Thinking Biblically | Online

An online magazine with pieces on a wide range of issues, plus movie and book reviews, a downloadable magazine, and a daily devotional. 
This is a webzine produced by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. 
 Here is a goldmine of articles and essays on all topics theological. 
Creeds, catechisms and much more. 
 A wiki-style source of definitions and thorough articles for theology questions, history, and terminology. 

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