Serve at church

We know that serving can be a great way to connect with others
and find a place to belong. We know you have amazing gifts to share.
Let us help you plug into a ministry where you can serve with joy!
Read about serving at CCPC, and then fill out a form to get started.

Volunteer FAQ


We're always ready to get more smiles and energy into our kids@creek program. We plug volunteers in on Sunday morning or at Wednesday Night Connect. If you just love kids, enjoy a good craft or two, or have the energy of a cheetah this could be the place for you.

The Welcome Team

Want to be one of our smiling faces that lets people know Cherry Creek is a great big family? Help us greet worshippers at the door or usher in the Sanctuary, guide families as they check-in their kids on a Sunday Morning or at Wednesday Night Connect. If making people feel welcome and at home is your gifting, we need you!

Administration & Event Help

Whether Sunday or a weekday there is always life happening at the church. We'd love to have you help us greet and  answer phones at the front desk, or be on-call for a special administration task. Our facilities team can use hands occasionally to help set up for events or clean up following and event. Let us know what strikes you and we'll connect you.

Worship, Music, & Arts

We love music and worship. There are lots of ways to get involved whether you are musically inclined, artistically abled, or looking for a supporting role. Sing in the adult choir, help lead kids choir, play the hand bells or another instrument, be a part of the worship band, create art for around the church, run the slides or sound booth operations, or help prepare the sanctuary for weekend worship. We'd love to hear how you'd like to be involved


Our middle and high school ministries have relational small group roles as well as supporting roles. Maybe you'd like to help with pancake breakfast or have experience working a coffee bar. Maybe you'd like to serve occasionally, helping us prepare for retreats or special events. Let's talk about how to plug you in!

Caring Ministry

We have lots of caring needs in this family. Our deacons serve three years to help lead many of our caring needs. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a deacon or helping out on our funeral committee, meal team, or as a carpenter volunteer let us know. We also have occasional trainings for those wanting to become a Stephen's Minister - a one-on-one lay counselor - to help people in our congregation who have a need of companionship and spiritual direction.